Fukuoka – 27 March

Oodles of noodles …

The thin mattresses and rice pillows proved comfortable. I just love the kimono to lounge around in.

We had a city bike tour booked today. The morning was spent with Mayumi from Travelinsight Japan on a city bike ride. We visited many interesting places; Shrines and temples – the largest sitting wooden Buddha in Japan … very impressive. More culture, how to enter these places correctly.

A short stop at a local confectionery shop for some homemade dessert and tea. Very nice.

More cherry blossoms however a few days from full bloom, the tourists are out and about taking pics among the trees. It is common to see picnickers under the trees with a bottle of Sake – something of a tradition from long ago.


Lovely fine day, fog/haze stopped the opportunity for great views of the nearby islands. We rode along the seaside and the fishing boat harbour and a lunch stop at a very local Ramen outlet, lovely experience and great ramen.

It was a bike great tour thanks to our knowledgeable guide Mayumi.

Further walking around our surrounds and discovering even more shopping centres.

Dinner at a restaurant that makes their own soba noodles. When you’re on a good thing ….


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