Satsumasendai to Kagoshima – 8 April

… another puncture?

A lovely day on the bike – clear skies and no haze. We leave the west coast and head east today, quite a different landscape through the hills on route 3 with no diversions. Passing through villages, my brain is working overtime thinking of the varieties of spring flowers as we pass gardens; also grown by my Dad in his day. Voilets growing wild in cracks and crevices on the pedestrian/cycle path – all a part of being a cyclist.

The hills were very tame as we weave through; the colours are stunning.

Before we know it we are descending and Kagoshima is in our sights. Oops John has a puncture … easily fixed.

As we are riding through the city we notice the abundance of parks and gardens; something to discover tomorrow – we have booked another night here – the forecast is for a lot of rain on Tuesday/Wednesday so we are mindful of where to next.

A relatively short ride today, 63km and not much climbing.


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