Shikokuchou to Oboke Gorge – 25 April

What a Gorg’eous’ ride today …

Komoot was on the money from the beginning today … taking us away from the noisy road I’d heard all night and into the small housing communities as the kids were all riding to school … we had fun saying ‘hello’ and they responded with a ‘hello’ well – the boys anyway – most girls were a little coy.

We had an early start, quite a few puddles from the overnight rain and the mountains were covered in fog.

Within a half hour we were climbing in the valley of the mountains the fog made it quite mystic… I’d had dreams/nightmares all night of how horrendously hard the hill would be … a tunnel knocked the top off and then down we went.

Within 90 minutes we had finished all the climbing … bliss! We had the river below, mountains either side and housing communities nestled in there too.

The river opened up and deepened into the gorge. Spectacular views, I don’t think we’ve ever been so close to the mountains on either side like this. In places there were small rapids … I can only imagine what it would be like in winter.

To finish off this magical day – the accommodation is wonderful with an onsen, so I indulged in the hot pool inside, the sauna and outside pool enjoying the mountain views.


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