Takamatsu to Okayama – Sun 28 April

A late morning as we only need to get a 65 minute ferry and a 17km ride.

My first mission accomplished … I got a smile and conversation from the ladies at reception and complimented the breakfast ladies on their good job … one said ‘thank you’ she must have understood.

John said to me they were a bit noisy … memories of Coles Cafeteria in the old days in Brisbane with my work mates having fish and chips and cheesecake (the biggest piece of course) on payday.

We leave our luggage at the hotel and venture to Ritsurin Garden. It’s Sunday and the streets are very quiet at 10am. The garden lived up to expectation – lovely and manicured as the Japanese do best. Signs were in English … a bit of history associated here … it opened in 1857. There are plants that have been donated by various countries.

It’s a large area and a hill is the perfect backdrop … hard to believe you are in a big city.

More motorcycles than cars today boarding the ferry; of course Golden Week … the motorcycles are packed with camping gear – the ferry was indeed not the ‘fast’ one … a nice relaxing trip then onto the bikes … Komoot took us down through the houses on walkways – it’s a nice touch to do the tourist route. A very small incline and a tunnel of 1088m the longest so far with our own path and guard rail to add to feeling at least safe while we hear the roar and echo of cars in both direction. I love exiting long tunnels – we were confronted with semi rural and close hills while descending then followed the estuary.

A great Indian dinner then to the ‘love hotel’ early arrival not permitted unless you pay ¥1000 per half hour. We chose to stay in the ‘waiting room’ within minutes they let us in our room. Lovely king sized bed and spa bath … even a massage chair – I soon put that to use.

Good night …


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