Tsuruga to Fukui – Wed 8th May.

… and you thought Japan was big cities, snow and warm toilet seats …

Heading off on route 8 then the 305 coastal route. No wind, clear blue cloudless skies a recipe for a delightful ride.

We had it all today … perfect weather 22°C … garmin recorded 30°C. 305 was a great choice not too much traffic. The most amazing coastal views; you could see forever … waterfalls – where does that water come from? Heaps of tunnels as we hug the coast.

We pass through many seaside and fishing villages with very quaint wooden houses. Many restaurant with a big crab painted on the wall.

The water colours were magnificent. I don’t think I couldn’t get bored of this coastline in these conditions … the only thing missing … my snorkels and fins.

In the afternoon we headed inland towards our accommodation – equally as beautiful – hills and rice paddies galore we follow a river. There are mountains ahead …

‘OMG John look there – is that snow on those mountains?’

Sure enough – totally unexpected view of a mountain range with snow. A google search I think it is Mount Hakusan.

We arrive at the hotel … no booking – John shows the name and explains that we booked a couple of days ago from our hotel where we stayed. He makes a call … turns out the hotel is near Osaka … wrong prefecture …

‘We do have rooms available here’

‘Yes please’

… an added bonus, there is a spa and sauna here 😀😀


3 thoughts on “Tsuruga to Fukui – Wed 8th May.

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t take your snorkels and flippers 🏊 …. but I presume you have your snow skis for skiing the mountain 🏂…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 …. 😀😀


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