Kanazawa to Shika – Fri 10 May

It was all about the destination … a surprise tree change … just missing the parrots and kangaroos …

What a beautiful ride today. A short self guided tour of parts of Kanazawa that we had missed yesterday … bus loads already at the castle and gardens nearby – we didn’t stop … a cycle through the old town … the tourists were gathering – it’s only about 9:30am many more people to flock through these streets today.

Back to the station for a late breakfast at a french style bakery … a nice chat to a couple from Norway and Denmark backpacking around.

Onto the bikes through suburbs … I wasn’t expecting much of the ride today … Shika is our destination and all I have heard is it is the home of a nuclear power plant very uninspiring.

Things turned out a little different. Through the suburbs we head and unexpectedly climb a few hills … an impressive bridge we cross the river at a great height, a 180° panaroma on our left is spectacular. The mountains are the backdrop, the huge river, city and rice paddies in the foreground.

A few more small hills, thinking we are near home at Caves Road, Dunsborough. It’s very sandy and scruby. We are guided near the beaches and a cycle path takes us along the beaches. The wind is not fierce today, long sandy beaches as we weave between a 4 lane highway, beach side and bush side. Some young pine plantations … I love the scent that fills the air. The beaches are still a collection of polystyrene scraps.

Another couple are headed in the opposite direction we stop and chat – Leo and Karen from Utrecht, The Nederlands … just like old friends … that’s what cycle touring is all about we chat of experiences and I hope we communicate some more on email.

Just as we pass by Chirihama the cycleway improved out of sight, lovely smooth surface, a few beach cafes, fishing villages some rocky outcrops making an interesting outlook.

We leave the coast headed to the guesthouse – Komoot is doing a great job … rice paddies a small hill then amongst trees and small roads with lovely houses on large blocks … we pass a few guesthouses then are amazed when the familiar chime comes from garmin … we are here. We are greeted by our hosts – shoes off and on with the slippers; after a couple of google translate conversations we are lead to our room … traditional Japanese straw matting – a table in the centre and 4 cushions, in the cupboard is our mattress and doona that we arrange where we want to sleep. A shared bathroom and washing machine for our use.

‘I think I’ll have a shower John and we can do the washing in the machine and dryer ¥300. OMG … you can have a shower with me it’s a real onsen … ‘

We are a bit remote from shops so our host kindly arranged to provide dinner – although she was unprepared. I felt bad … what an experience … best Japanese experience yet food to die for and a proper inside fire pit.

I have to pinch myself tonight …


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