Oarai to Tomakomai – Tuesday 28 May

Welcome to Hokkaido

Another adventure begins as we arrive into Tomakomai at 2pm.

The overnight ferry was extremely comfortable.

The 11 berth dormatory only had 6 sleepers, the gentle vibration of the engines and very slight swaying was a good recipe for a great nights sleep.

A lovely young couple, Robert from Germany and Leona from Austria were our bed buddies (with respect) they are also on tour with bikes and camping (I’m secretly envious).

The onsen and sauna was very nice followed by a lovely buffet breakfast.

We talk to our daughter and our Tuesday cycling buddies – we are very aware that it’s great being within 1hr of our timezone at home it’s extremely convenient.

Now back to business to plan our next few days.

I’m once again thankful for the advice from my requests on the Japan Cycling Navigator Facebook group, I feel a little bit more comfortable about the coming 3 weeks.

We berth at Tomakomai and a few drops of rain – nothing to get us wet … of course, it is Tuesday, my mind backtracks to last Tuesday when we were laid up at the base of Mt Fuji due to very unseasonal rain.

It is also cool … all I was hoping for. Our hotel allows us to our room at 2.30pm – a trip to the tourist office at the railway station. The kind lady arranges us accommodation at Lake Shikotsu for tomorrow – I feel we are on our way.

The hotel has a natural onsen and sauna … of course I take advantage …


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