Shirogane to Furano- Saturday 8 June

After a considerable amount of rain overnight we were lucky to have a partly cloudy day. We first climbed 295 stairs in a covered stairway to a lookout of the mountain range … sadly the cloud looked there to stay for a long time.

We back tracked a few kms from yesterday without having to peddle for 4kms – Komoot tried to lead us on gravel we managed to get around it on other roads through the forest. Gentle hills and great descents. The forests and mountains around us.

Back into agricultural areas … I whiff cattle … sure enough a sign for a dairy. Barns stocked with round hay bales. The cows are all housed in sheds so we don’t see them.

Closer to Furano we visit Tomita flower farm … this is what is seen on media outlets selling this area for the summer season. On the hills is the beginning of what will be a kaleidoscope of colour in weeks to come attracting tourists. Today it is very quiet … outlets selling local produce. This area is also renowned for rockmelon … a stall selling everything rockmelon.

Within a km we pass by Nakafurano Flower Park, the hill is starting to get a bit of colour as the seedlings are starting to grow. Then we pass the lavender park – no flowers yet.

The houses have lovely gardens with backdrops of the mountains. It’s very scenic here … snow activities in winter and beautiful gardens in summer.

Furano also boasts a winery and cheese factory, and located in the middle of Hokkaido; an annual Bellybutton Festival is held in July. All things have a center; for a person, this is the bellybutton. Hokkaido’s bellybutton lies in Furano.

We are based within metres of the ski lift … it is not operating at the moment but busy in the snow season.

A lovely Japanese curry (soup style)


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