Shimukappu to Numanosawa

On a deer and bear hunt …

We had a lovely Japanese dinner at the Guesthouse … no wifi so we were a little restricted with planning.

Another day crossing over mountains through the forest and over bridges and rivers.

An early start knowing there were a few climbs … why should we worry … we own the hills!!!

We were assisted with several tunnels, a busy road with several trucks. We heard a couple of woodpeckers drumming nearby. Rivers everywhere and on the lookout for bear and deer as roadsigns kept reminding us not to leave food scraps around.

We were at our destination by 1pm and able to check in

We are at a Youth Hostel in the middle a the forest/farming area. Lovely pine A-frame building surrounded by forest. A 1.9km trip to the supermarket through quiet roads and close to hot houses. I just love this country!!

We are on the patio watching a fox – poor thing has one mangled front leg.

I have spent a few hours syncing garmin/komoot/phone … something went wrong, now it’s all good. Technology is great when it behaves!!

An amazing dinner followed by a walk and seeing a deer and 2 foxes … my day complete.


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