Shimamatsu to Sapporo – Wednesday 12 June

60th birthday …

A latte ride into Sapporo … along the cycle path from Chitose to Sapporo. What a wonderful route for our last hoorah … through farming and forest before reaching Sapporo – no trucks or cars just us and other cyclists, walkers and joggers.

We are near the busy end of town but happy with a quiet Italian Restaurant for dinner, after securing our remaining accommodation.

A budget guesthouse for 3 nights and hotel for 2 nights … that is all good. The manager is taking us to a friend at a bike shop tomorrow to secure bike boxes which we will pack the bikes ready for the flight back home.

I can now relax …


5 thoughts on “Shimamatsu to Sapporo – Wednesday 12 June

  1. Happy birthday and congratulations on your amazing journey. I will miss reading daily news each night. Enjoy the days relaxing.


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