Quairading to Northam 96km_7 May

Another long day with nothing in between … we can put our panniers on the truck. There are a lot of us in hotels tonight as the campground is 4km out of town and we have our final meal at a hotel togther.

I start off early … I’m meeting up with my cousin in Northam. It’s a nice ride … quite still some headwind a few rolling hills. There is quite a contrast in the country from leaving 3 weeks ago when it was as dry as a chip … now tinges of green, creeks and rivers are flowing. The sheep look happy and lambs are bleating. Hopefully it is a sign for a good season.

I pass through areas of fog. Approaching Northam I take a wrong turn and I’m only a couple of kms from York and about 500m from where are cars are. I correct my route and later learn I wasn’t the only one … that feels comforting. I get to camp … my detour only cost me 6km. Luckly my cousin takes me to see the silos and we go to York to get my car. Am I cheating? No I was originally on roster to drive the truck tomorrow to York so officially my tour on my bike is over.

A great night with thanks to Brian for the vehicle support; Trevor … tour leader; Christine … paying the bills; and everyone for being great company.

Well it’s like this … in these Covid times you have to take up what you can, when you can … I had a great time and failing overseas travel this was the best.


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