Friday 20 May … Puerto Sagunto to Manises, Valencia

I wonder what temperature it is? (I had just looked on garmin) … 28.9C but we just went up on the bridge … closer to the sun … must be more now...

An early start … never know what happens when you go into the big towns, however we are staying in Manises, near the airport … it’s a weekend and prices in Valencia are astronomical … we got a good price. 

First up we go inland for 7km to see the Sagunto Castle.  A straight road with cycle lane at the side and flat.  There before us, the castle ruins get closer.  We find our way through the old city streets quite a busy town at 9am … a coffee and croissant then we head upwards towards the castle.  I think we were a little too early for the tourists … the odd delivery van restocking restaurants and a few local cars going about their business … people live around these hilly streets.  Time to get off the bikes and walk … we are laden with panniers.  The castle walls rise above us.  Too far to ride too many steps … ‘they are just ruins’ says John, ‘yes but that is history!’, I say.

We admire the view that we have and decide to get on our way … no interest in exploring ‘ruins’.

We are still in awe with the cycle paths here, an almost straight line through to Valencia passing through a couple of towns and agricultural areas, stone walled terraced orange orchards look impressive on a small hill. There is a good deal of bike and foot traffic … a great path to go out with your mates.

Paddocks ploughed and ready to be ploughed.  The path didn’t disappoint and neither did Komoot as we were flawlessly directed to our accommodation. 

We are 10km from the Valencia centre and have a bike tour booked for tomorrow.  Local supermarkets here Lidl and Mercadona … 500g strawberries 0.99€ how can I resist … yes please (Ci por favor!) … they are amazing!

Manises is famous for its pottery and tiles and being the location of the airport. There is a School of Art and Superior Ceramics. The historic pottery influence is evident by the appearance of ceramic tiles decorating buildings.

We have spent a good part of the afternoon mapping the route to Alicante. We finally decide that a walk is needed, 8pm and the bars are all busy, Friday night? … a hot day? Who knows but the tables and chairs are out on the side streets by bars and the beers are flowing.


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