Tuesday 7 June … Ronda to Cadiz by bus

We realised that we missed the Torro de Plaza (Bullfighting Ring) yesterday … it was only 500m from the hotel. Never mind, however there is significant to this bullring, it the first of modern bullfights in Spain. 

We are on the milk run again this morning although on a different route.  The little villages are more frequent, oleanders are in full bloom, various shades of pink and white, growing wild along the road and bordering village streets.  The roads are narrower … we are off the main highway.  This is the place for the outdoor seeker, we see hikers on paths, road bikers and mountain bikers on tracks all out enjoying the clear morning as we weave up and down through the hills.

First fields of sunflowers today amongst olive groves, asparagus, grass being baled … it’s all happening in country Spain. I’m so excited …I just love sunflowers … fields and fields covering the hills … some out but most a beautiful dark green waiting to bloom.  ¹

A solar farm hill … someone’s cashed in their sunflower crops or olives for solar energy, thinking outside the box … lots of sun here. Over every hill brings another surprise, a village, a lake, crops all so beautiful … and we’re not sweating it out.

The country roads and landscape soon give way to the coast and more densely populated area.  We are in Cadiz, originally an island but now part of the mainland via narrow stretch of land and some bridges.

The old town is walled and we are staying right above a busy street full of restaurants.   The morning markets are just closing, however there are little stalls on the boundary of the market precinct that are serving a variety of tapas and drinks.  Each stall has a number I saw 115.  The place is humming with people eating and drinking under the patio umbrellas. This must be the place for lunch.

A very quaint town with little streets, lots of plazas, churches, there are two cruise ships at the port, lots of tourist shops.  A short walk to the beach it’s very busy, there is a castle in the sea a promenade leads to the castle it’s closed though but its a nice stroll to see the beaches.


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