Sunday 19 June … Lisbon

When you have one of those days …

Started off with a city bike tour, the fun was climbing hills with an electric bike. Great views from many vantage points of the city … unfortunately the content of the tour was a let down. We will be back so a walking tour is earmarked.

The infamous Portugese tarts are a must taste here in Lisbon and to up the anti to purchase them from the original shop located in Belem. It wasn’t hard to find the shop, just follow the crowds, or look for people with the white paper bags with the blue writing Pastries de Belém. In no time I’m lined up to purchase these famous tarts. It’s about 4pm the shop runs like a well oiled machine … I join the take away queue and within minutes I have purchased the tarts. A park is near so we devour this tasty morsal under the shade of trees. Tick, tick.

Next is a train to Cascais, some 30km from Lisbon Central, a lovely train ride as we hug the coast and little towns/suburbs along the way. It’s 5pm we ride through the very touristy streets and up to the marina, the beaches are busy, it’s not too hot today, mid 20’s enough for the sunseeker and swimmers. It’s a very attractive town and coastline, we split between cycling and the train back to our hotel. My favourite part of today was lovely Cascais and cycling part of the coastline.


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