Thursday 23 June … Pinhao

Not on a train, bus or boat ... on the bike …

Wow factor indeed.  Off on a short 1 hr trip on a rabelo to the river town of Tua with the bikes in tow. A rabelo is a traditional Portugese wooden boat used to transport cargo and people along the Duoro River.

We have Franny with us today, a Belgium girl staying at the same hostel. We are cycling back to Pinhao amongst the vineyards and through the hills and little villages. The views are sensational as we weave through and around the hills with 360° view of vineyards. The vineyards look like patchwork as the rows are planted in different directions. We finish with an amazing downhill back to Pinhao. After 34km of scenery to die for we are back on the river banks of Pinhao. What a wonderful experience.

The train station is a story in itself … tile walls depicting the history of this wine growing village.

A trip to the local butcher for samples before you buy of cured pork, salami and cheese and of course he has fresh bread on offer …


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