Sunday 3 July … Monsanto to Castelo Branco

No more castles … Okay!

A quick 10 minutes and we were down the mountain and coasting along the flat plain. It was nice to move the legs without grinding up hills.

Gum tree plantations and cork trees, the cork trees have the number 22 painted on them meaning they have been harvested this year, they are rich red in colour where the bark has been stripped.

The landscape is very Australian wheatbelt – rocky outcrops, it’s very dry and a lot of cattle farming. Little streets with cobblestones, a couple of men sitting on a steps in the shade solving the problems of the world.

We roll away the kms and stop just 15km from Castelo Branco at a little village for lunch, they are using a rotisserie for chickens and potatoes over hot coals. A hot chicken roll and potatoes with amazing sauce for lunch.

On of those moments today when you walk into an event, at the castle there is a weekend festival. We have caught it on the last day … yes a climb on foot up to yet another castle; atop the festival is in full swing … local products, people dressed in medieval clothing, jugglers, dancers, food stalls … entertainment to while away a few hours.

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