Sat 11 Mar … Ceduna to Smoky Bay

Another church? Another castle? … no!!! It’s another Jetty

A short 40km today … yes, in the car. We have done enough in Ceduna, seeing people in the street that you met at the pub the night before … we are locals now.

The gypsum mining is alive especially evident at night when the trains come through and go to Thevenard, the deep sea port, a couple of kms from Ceduna … they are long trains, you hear every carriage. Everything here is long … road trains 4 trailers a common sight.  The jetties are long. The locals like to have a long chat, in particular caravan park owners.

A stop at deserted Laura’s Beach. Lovely white sand, lovely views from where we scurry up the cliffs.

Laura’s Beach

1pm and we are all set up at camp, the ‘good’ park is full so we are a couple of kms out. Downtown is a very sleepy hollow. I just want to eat the vanilla slice I bought in Ceduna. We had better eat lunch too. A little median strip with a picnic table; the beach and long jetty in the background … I laugh to myself.

… teenage memories of going to Caloundra, Queensland with Mum and Dad and having a picnic in the middle of a triangular park in the middle of the town … I was soooo embarrassed … look what’s happened I’m doing it now … still laughing!!!

‘Travelling Tinnies’ … is what they are called around here (some peeps from interstate) … the population increases they are all set up with their tinnies, vans and car fridges to fish until the fridges are full. That is why accommodation is at a premium. The jetty boat ramp is full of empty trailers as we pass by. This is indicative of the Eyre Penninsula.

The long Jetty at Smoky Bay

World class oysters come from the Eyre Penninsula and Smoky Bay is no exception, they are cheap and fresh … shame I don’t like them, however I’m determined to try some at a restaurant.

The draw card to Smoky Bay; the Community Club is open for meals tonight and gets a good rapt on Wikicamps. Oops I got that wrong … Friday and Sunday night only … we have a drink and a pizza from the club and chat with other patron also travellers. It’s 8pm sunset over the jetty, of course!!


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