Tues 21 Mar … Tumby Bay

What time is it … I ask as we start putting up the little tent … then almost done … how long did that take?  … ’20 minutes’ says John, we laugh … from the moment we met everything was 20 minutes.  How long will it take to get to xyz?  20 minutes was always the reply.  I think he was always 20 minutes late too … I quickly changed that!!!

Only 40km to Tumby Bay!!  … what was I thinking. I could have ridden.

A beautiful calm morning, the wind has gone.  Before we shut the doors, we are there. 

At last some silo art as we approach Tumby, nice set up under a pink flowering gum, it’s nice to hear the New Holland Honeyeaters chittering away, pink blossom on the tent.

Originally, it was a 2 night stay … we have changed our mind … 1 night is enough.  Lots to do but with our bikes we have it covered in a couple of hours.

The mangrove walk; coastal walk; street art.  ✅️✅️✅️

We are off to see the Jingo Brothers at the local pub tonight … Steady Eddy … yep the real Steady Eddie.

Great night out.


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