Thur 23 Mar … Spear Creek  to Moonta Bay

‘We can do this Johnny, sleeping under the stars … no one around in our little bush camp.’ All packed up and the car doesn’t start … the jump start battery certainly came in handy.

Off we go … headed for Port Germein … the top of the Spencer Gulf. And of course there is a Jetty but this is special … it was the longest wooden Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. ‘I s’pose you want to walk it, Susie? … I think that was a rhetorical question. A good 3km return walk.

Port Germein

We are on the Yorke Penninsula and the Copper Coast.

How many jetties can you see in a day? Driving down the coast and popping into the little coastal towns for a squiz.

Port Germein, Port Broughton, Walleroo and our destination, Moonta Bay … and in the distance I can see Port Hughes jetty – that will be a bike ride tomorrow.

Port Broughton

Walleroo is where the car ferry leaves/starts for the Lucky Bay, Eyre Penninsula … a 2 hour ferry crossing to save going around the top.


We are all set up in the big tent … it was going to be a one night stay but I made an executive decision when I saw that we are only metres from the beach and 500m from the jetty and the start of the ‘Walk the Yorke’ trail.

Moonta Bay

Goodness John, look at the water slides in that play area … wow!!, how much water has it dumped … fancy being under that!! A free small water park … wouldn’t the grandies just love that.


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