Tues 4 Apr … Edithburgh

A poor man buys twice … I‘m liking that phrase more and more …

A brilliant sunrise, proving to be a top day.

The wind has gone after last night and we’re off to Coobowie (5km) to play tennis with the local tennis group.

A nice morning, only 8 players so 2 courts for 1½ hours.  A nice bunch followed by a coffee at the only shop in this small town.

John had a restless night … his cheap air mattress was flatened.  He was feeling rather ‘deflated’. In the meantime, a patch from the car tyre shop in Yorketown $10 (it didn’t work); a vinyl patch kit $10, needs 24 hours to use mattress … I wasn’t confident $10.  A wander passed our local service station who sells fishing/camping/hardware.  An air mattress $27.50 … sold!!!

A relaxing afternoon ride to Point Sultana along the Walk The Yorke Trail , we swim others fish.  What a great day, how things change when its not windy.

I’m on constant alert at the weather app as there was threatening rain during the whole of the Easter break. Day by day it’s looking less likely that our tennis tournament will be a washout. Fingers crossed.

The sun sets and the sky looks on fire as we bbq at the camp kitchen, chatting to other campers also cooking. The fish weren’t biting today we learn, how there is a few mullet being caught

From our tent I gaze over the sea, the moon will be full in 2 days, its reflection on the sea before me. Not a breath of wind, it’s 19°C no clouds eerily still. What a lovely evening.


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