Imari to Nagasaki – 31 March

If you don’t trust me; trust Komoot!!

A lovely stay at Ne doco? A great Guesthouse and host Mysa.

A very chilly start today max 11°C and it was 9°C and a very cold wind. I am thankful for my new Uniqlo rain jacket – it did a great job to stop the wind.

Komoot synced to my Garmin 820 has been a god send – getting on our way through the towns and our destination. I am a big fan!!

Stops at 7/11; Lawsons and Family Mart are great for a snack lunch and the cleanest of toilets and free wifi.

On the road through the town of Imari viewing the hills; farming and light industry. John got a flat – glass … easily fixed and off we go. Hills were prevalent but manageable. Traffic full of Sunday drivers out and about enjoying the many visas of cherry blossoms with their picnics.

At times traffic wardens were at the ready directing traffic in popular viewing areas and parks.

We stopped at Saikaibashi Park along with many others for a pic or two.

We hugged the coast with amazing views of the nearby islands and mainland as we swept past inlets and fishing villages.

The hills are terraced and heading towards Nagasaki we cycle through orange groves and large green houses growing strawberries.

Not all the locals were picnicking – we saw a couple of baseball and softball games being played.

There were too many amazing pics today. I just love the houses with the gloss roof tiles and trees manicured to mimic bonsai.

It was a great day – the temperature stayed around 9-11°C.

Still very cold outside our ramen noodles hit and warmed the spot for our dinner.


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