Nagasaki – 1 April

Eat with the locals … like a local.

A stay at a Love Hotel again – lucky to cancel the second night. However, I have to be fair, the lady was so accommodating – she spent more than 30 mins on google translate to help us collect a document to arrive at the hotel (against policy) even took us to the PO at 7pm on a Sunday to talk/interpret to PO staff so we could collect from their office when it arrives. 2 more days at a different hotel, waiting for document. Hotel was not as elaborate as first love hotel … thank goodness! Comfortable bed and room.

The morning was spent at Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum. A sombre reminder of days gone by; well presented … a must see!

Peace Park was a lovely garden environment with many monuments.

A gentleman was at a shrine and gave us a card …he was a lucky 14 year old when the bomb dropped. His story can be reached by a google search of his name.

A quick ride to the harbour – a small cruise ship is docked. There are gardens and a few kites flying – great conditions for kites. The wind is very chilly and 11°C – chill factor …???

Back up the long road to the other side of town to our new accommodation. A lovely hotel – it looks too regal for the special price offered on we book another night … yay!

Searching for a restaurant – we go to a cafe that is not doing meals – the lady takes us across a couple of roads to a small restaurant/bar. Our moment has arisen – no chairs just tables and cushions – off with the shoes and sitting on the cushions. Google translate at the ready for us and the staff … yakitori, rice, beer and complimentary green tea. What a hoot when we leave and tell them we are on bicycles.


2 thoughts on “Nagasaki – 1 April

  1. Happy 65th birthday to John and looks very pretty there and you sure got to see plenty of cherry blossoms. Safe further travels, Penny and Russell


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