Nagasaki to Shimabara – 3 April

On the move again – Komoot and Garmin at the ready – easy exit through the city – we were taken on some side roads that confused us. A good 10km climb to start then it would be smooth sailing.

The climb gave spectacular views then a great decent, we enjoyed it so much we missed a turn – never mind a slight detour then back on route.

Unfortunately we are travelling on a busy road skirting between the road and path – the path is not too reliable.

The road travels between light industry and small villages all melding into one – grain crops and vegetables are prevalent around the villages. Lots of school children on their bikes – we say hello and they respond likewise.

We look for somewhere to eat among the light industrial area and find a restaurant – we are welcomed in and choose from pictures on the menu – John had chicken katsu and I had spaghetti bolognese – not what I’d hope for but still very tasty.

We joined the coastline and had clear views across the bay to our left. The tide is out which exposes long black beaches a few small boats on their side waiting for the high tide. Poles with nets exposed – I guess they are fish traps.

On our right the mountains loom above – we are in the Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark. (to be discovered tomorrow)

Between us and the mountains, agriculture is at its best – rows upon rows of plastic covered hot houses as far as you could see. We pass by a small field of carrots being harvested … a problem with the harvester – we eagerly watch as the mechanic works on the plough-like rig which lifts the soil and loosens the mature carrots for picking.

A local restaurant tonight – an elderly couple dining and us. The menu is in Japanese we pick from the model plates in the shop window. Rice and finely shredded cabbage is a staple; John has prawns and beef pattie; I have fish with a bonus of miso soup, yum!

We’ve decided to stay an extra night and go up to the mountains tomorrow (on a bus!!!! – John doesn’t want to do a continous 20km climb)


1 thought on “Nagasaki to Shimabara – 3 April

  1. Russ and I were with Todd in Japan and we had Okonomiyaki and loved it but we ordered 3 and 2 would have been more than enough for the 3 of us. Also loved Yakatori


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