Nagasaki – 2 April

Note to self and others – check your expiry date on cards well before you leave home …

After a bit of a worrying week coordinating our new Citibank cards – they were received this morning – kudos to Japan Post and Citibank helping with activation and our son for sending them on. We can now relax a little.

Our accommodation is at the northern end of town about 10km from the harbour … we found a huge department store (Seiyu) 300m away – I just love looking at all those things – ready prepackaged meals wrapped in plastic moulded containers – ready to eat or heated with microwave instructions. The store boulangerie was something else – supersized croissants and pastries coming hot out of the oven – I couldn’t resist … breakfast!!

John carries around a plastic bag to carry purchases, however the staff are only too willing to offer more plastic bags to us. We are somewhat proud that at home; Australia is contributing in cutting down on plastics with the ‘war on waste’ crusade.

Back down towards the harbour today what appeared to be a coal fired paddle steamer sailing boat.

Chinatown was very quaint it would be a sight to see at nighttime as the neon lights would be spectacular.

Back towards the hotel, we stumbled upon a local suburban hub with local street markets; way off the tourist radar – a ramen restaurant was good for lunch – John still asks for a fork – I don’t think I’ll win that battle.

Tomorrow back on our way …


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