Kagoshima to Miyakonojo – 10 April

It wasn’t meant to be …

It rained steadily all night, quite heavy at times. We woke with a weather forecast of no rain … yay.

Agonizing over whether or not to go to Yakushima, we had a 7am decision to go. Booked 2 nights accommodation – ferry timetable in hand and off to the port for 8.30am ferry. That all sounds good doesn’t it!

Ferry is out of service for 2 weeks as of yesterday- fast ferry doesn’t take bicycles – slow ferry leaves at 6pm and arrives at 7am. … it wasn’t meant to be … cancelled the accommodation.

Leaving Kagoshima the azalea hedges along the road are nice and bright against the overcast skies today.

We are now headed east to Miyakonojo. We hug the coast literally amongst heavy traffic and trucks. Thankfully there is a cycle/pedestrian path for most of the way.

Although it is very overcast and misty the views of the coast are great.

We head through Kirishima then into the hills – a good continuous climb through hills then a plateau – we passed logged forests then stock piles of pine logs before a lovely descent to Miyakonojo.

I just love the yukatas (komono but a bit different) in the hotels!


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