Miyakonojo to Miyazaki – 11 April

What!! No wifi … oh dear πŸ˜₯

I got conned, I booked the hotel after reading the great reviews about a large room and queen sized bed … woohoo – a rareity in Japan … I leapt at the chance but didn’t realise there was no wifi. But the room is good with a comfortable sofa. This is like the power and water being turned off … I will survive – there are convenience stores and shopping centres with wifi. Photos may be problematic though.

Back on track – a lovely day for ride – we backtracked 10km first thing without panniers to see a waterfall we missed yesterday a nice ride through the backroads and agricultural areas – I’m glad we went, lovely park area.

Further on we are heading east to the coast of Kyushu … we had a great ride through the hills, the agricultural areas are amazing with rich dark soil, widespread crops of a mixture. The hills were manageable and photogenic – varieties of colours amongst pines.

About 10km from our destination “Komoot what are you thinking” we are on a very old road fit for mountain bikes or as John puts it ‘a goat track’ we persevere through dense forest and finally come across rice paddies.

Back on the road – more agricultural areas heading into Miyazaki. Komoot guides us to the door of our hotel before crossing the Oyodo River. The river has paths on either side – recreational fishermen throw a line, bike and pedestrians pass by.

It looks like my wonderful pics will have to wait … watch this space until I get reliable wifi.


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