Mt. Aso – 15 April

Volcano active …

We leave the hotel at 7:30am enroute to the train station – a short 7 minute walk, the rain has gone and it’s bright and sunny, we walk through the covered mall; joined by students and business men all suited up – only a few cafes are open for a caffeine fix and bite to eat … Monday morning!

The ticket office is empty of customers so we get our tickets with no problem. A bakery at the station provides us with pastries … that’s breakfast – not good as I won’t be riding today 😦

We have a 2hr30min train ride and 45min bus to Aso.

Arriving at Aso all the walking tracks to the crater of Mt Nakadake are closed; the crater that can be accessed by tourists, however today it was banned, no access within 1km … all was not lost – back to the Volcano Information Centre from the viewing platforms of our surrounds, breathtaking views of other mountains, the Green Plain and the Aso Valley. It’s such a wide landscape here looking at the barren mountains … a lovely day.

Just up from our hotel is Funai Castle dating back to 1562 its been burnt down in the passed, now is just the moat wall and turrets and lovely garden areas.

Only in Japan … (with respect)


Japan is a great place to visit as a tourist where public toilets are concerned. They are plentiful, you are not charged for an ‘act of nature’ and they are super clean … but it doesn’t stop there …

Around the town and public monuments you will aways see a toilet … on the road all the convenience stores (Lawsons, 7-11, Family Mart) all have them.

The best is the additional extras to the standard Aussie ‘loo’. The seat is heated, when you are finished you have a choice … shower or bidet (or both) bidet for #1’s – for us girls and shower for #2’s but it don’t stop there … you can change the water pressure as well.

There is also a 🎵 button – mainly in public toilets not hotels – this is for privacy – in my experience so far it is the sound of water flowing to deafen any sound that you may be making.

So a trip to the loo can be quite an involved, pleasurable experience.


2 thoughts on “Mt. Aso – 15 April

    • Thanks … We have predominantly been on route 10 and they mostly have a cycle/pedestrian path … sometimes a little rough so we swap and change to road. Some trucks in areas but all are very forgiving to cyclists. This is our first time in Japan and first island so have nothing to compare.


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