Saiki to Oita – 14 April

Sit, pedal, enjoy …

Last night we ate at the hotel … very good choice – John had like a sukiyaki (as well as much more), great variety and very reasonable AUD$12 – we will be onto hotel dinners in future.

Breakfast was just as exciting – miso soup and other traditional dishes.

Today’s ride was amazing … perfect weather the shortest and longest 61km ride. We had a small steady climb for about an hour, nothing strenuous, busy soaking in the nature, then we seemed to be descending for the remainder of the way.

We were weaving through a valley, a river below and hills either side. Quite a few tunnels to go through the longest being 897m long. Beautiful scenery passing small villages then into built up areas as we approached Oita, the last 10km was fun trying to get to our accommodation.

We arrived in a light shower of rain – we were damp but not wet.

On the way in we accidentally came across a ‘real bakery’ how could we say no! A slice of pizza and small pastry … yum! “I bet people come for miles to buy from here?”, I said. John said, “I think you are on the money there!!”

The hotel is about 500m from the main shopping mall and 1km from the train station. Extremely helpful ladies in the Tourist Information office at station. We quickly booked another night here to allow tomorrow to train/bus to Mt Aso.

Meanwhile we are able to use the washing machine (¥200) and drier (¥100) in the hotel. Happy days!!

Just for something different we had Sri Lankan for dinner, lovely meal … thankful we ordered ‘normal’ not ‘hot’.

Only in Japan …

Tea fields – we have been mystified by some extremely manicured crops over the last week or so. Looking like an azalea hedge, in rows with very little space between the hedges. Strangely there are fans above them … research reveals they are tea plantations. More details click here.


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