A day in Beppu – 17 April

You can’t stay there – it’s too far on a bike …

It’s a Wednesday kind of Sunday … we are having a relaxing day.

Our first thing is to visit the AZ hotel here and pre book for tomorrow in Usa – they don’t advertise on booking.com and accommodation is tight – we have the staff entertained as they are in disbelief that we are riding 50km tomorrow on our bikes and I’m mapping the exact location on Komoot. We explain where we have been and they still look and laugh between themselves … they are extremely helpful and we are grateful that a room is booked.

Beppu has a nice feel … not too touristy down our end of town, it’s quite quaint by Japenese standards – narrow streets with the odd local street shop selling fruit & veg. We came across a covered market under the railway line. Fruit & Veg shop, fish shops selling fresh and frozen fish – some were being cooked to sell, a butchery. A dog groomer and pet shop and some clothing shops.

We venture up a hill towards the Beppu Global Tower, what an icon – oh! there is a lift; at a small cost we go up to the viewing platform 125m high what a sight a 360° view of the city, across the bay and of the surrounding hills. We realise we are almost the same height as our hill climb to the waterfall yesterday.

Not only does Beppu have the ‘too hot for you’ boiling onsens, the town is also filled with traditional Japanese onsens located around the city where the locals enjoy the benefits of the mineral waters, these are a very cheap cost of ¥100 (AUD$1.25), prices vary to ¥1000 also the composition of the water varies; chloride, sulfur, hydrogen carbonate, there are also sand and mud specific onsens.

We had a 5 minute short walk and went to Kitahama Onsen Thermos – girls to the left; boys to the right. There were choices – strip and enjoy the steaming hot water in three different pools all of varying temperatures. But you must wash beforehand; also a mist sauna and outside pool. Lovely! Then don your bathers and go to the mixed gender pool – 3 lovely pools of different temperatures overlooking the bay and mountains. Spray jets offering a back massage. Also dry sauna to enjoy. Just us and another couple … that is all … the best value for money at ¥510.

A bit of admin done – Komoot routes done for next 2 days and accommodation sorted. The lovely lady here phones to book another AZ hotel for our arrival in Honshu in 2 days time – I love this travel!!

Only in Japan …

Pachinko parlors –

We have passed by what looks like a casino in the last few towns but never ventured inside. Today as we walking to dinner we went into a Lucky Pachinko Slot parlor. It was filled with rows upon rows of slot machines … people of all ages glued to their machine. There was a sign as we entered that you have to be older than 18. The noise was absolutely horrendous … I think standing by a plane taking off would be less noisy. I asked if I could take a pic? … no – sorry. A quick google search and my curiosity was satisfied about this new institution. More info here.


1 thought on “A day in Beppu – 17 April

  1. Hi John and Sue,
    Recently returned from our trip to Canberra and Sydney, and I have now caught up-to-date with your fabulous blog. What a wonderful and interesting time you are having. Japan is culturally very interesting, the people are great and the scenery is magnificent. Great photos, keep them coming.
    Happy Easter to you both and safe travels.
    Are you hankering for western style food again?
    Im going to buy a Pickle Ball paddle soon … so watch out!


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