Beppu to Bungotakada, Usa – 18 April

Sue … you’re going the wrong way …

A clear day as we leave on the coastal road – lovely views of the bay and the hills that await us.We pass the outskirts of Beppu and small fishing villages then we head inland. Not much climbing today Route 10 just weaves through the hills which are quite close at times.

‘How many shades of green are there, John?’

I’m sure some of the hills can classify as mountains as they loom above us.

We are also following a river and see trains flash by and disappear through tunnels.The short gentle climb is in the first half of the morning then a long descent … perfect.We stop at Lawsons for a nature break then I lead the way … garmin is beeping at me; I can hear John yelling in the distance … I’m going the wrong way … oops!!!

On the way we visit Usa Jingu, an ancient shrine; its status as the principal shrine of Hachiman, the Shinto protector god of Japan. The buildings are set amongst ancient forest, unfortunately there is no English signage so our appreciation is somewhat lost. However, a wander amongst the trees is relaxing.

Back on our way to our booked accommodation at Bungotakada – a small quiet village in the Usa prefecture; quite a quaint village that probably wouldn’t attract tourists – we have a peaceful stroll on our bikes of our surrounds.


4 thoughts on “Beppu to Bungotakada, Usa – 18 April

  1. Hi John and Sue,
    Recently returned from our trip to Canberra and Sydney, and I have now caught up-to-date with your fabulous blog. What a wonderful and interesting time you are having. Japan is culturally very interesting, the people are great and the scenery is magnificent. Great photos, keep them coming.
    Happy Easter to you both and safe travels.
    Are you hankering for western style food again?
    Im going to buy a Pickle Ball paddle soon … so watch out!


    • That’s right … have a great time and I’m still enjoying the food … especially miso. Hope your trip went well.

      We have had some really nice experiences with the kind people over here.
      Ummm … buying a pickle ball paddle – you are hooked!!!
      No sign of choc eggs or hot x buns here 😥
      We are loving the scenery and just getting out and about on the bikes.
      Enjoy …hope it’s not too wet at home.


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