Ako to Akashi – Tuesday 30 April

Sue: ‘There’s some castle ruins in this town – do you want to go before we leave today’

John: No! it’s a bit wet!

(That may have been the most exciting thing of the day)

Crossing the river first up before a nice hill climb. It is still drizzling; on with the raincoat. I suspect that it rained all night; the prediction was for 48ml.

The river is flowing well, we cycle up the hill through tiny streams of water that are running down the shoulder of the road. Flowing water can be heard, we catch glimpses of the valley below – all sodden from the rain, lovely views.

There are a lot of road signage asking not to litter – sadly today is the worst rubbish I’ve seen in Japan, while climbing the hill. Cans and bottle everywhere.

Today’s ride is full of river crossings and cycling along rivers and canals. Sadly again there is more rubbish to be seen in the rivers. It’s a bit of a lack lustre ride – maybe the damp weather hasn’t helped.

I thought that there would have been some nice coastal views, however, the coast is industry driven with large smoke stacks for many kilometres.

The rain finished about midday then later we got a mist – enough to keep coats on. We were amused by train spotting as we rode near train tracks – the fast trains hardly make a noise so you have to be alert.

Before arriving in Akashi we cycled through a spaghetti bowl of roads and expressways. The landscape changed rapidly from rural to a concrete jungle. We are in West Akashi, high rise hotels/apartments and buildings precinct.

I ask reception “where is ‘the bridge’?” … “very far from here” is her reply.

Our hotel window looks out at the railway station and we see the trains wizz by … exciting.

Looks like tomorrow will be a bit more sightseeing …

Update on John’s calamities:

He ran into a boom gate yesterday when the golf man lead us out of the park … He said follow me which I did… John some way behind… I couldn’t quite work out why he was lagging so far back… He went under a boom gate and hit his nose … he caught up and asked ‘Is my nose bleeding?’ I say, ‘No, why?’
‘There was a height restriction gate and I rode into it.’

Ummm 🙄


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