Akashi to Kobe – Wed 1 May

A golden day in Golden Week

Today marks the day of the succession of the new Japanese Emperor. It’s a very special day here in Japan.

The puddles are indicative of overnight rain. Komoot takes us on some crazy jaunts at times and this morning was no exception – we stumbled across a house with a large collection of anything ceramic.

By 9.30am we were at Akashi Park, the location of the castle. Akashi folk are wide awake as we enter the park precinct – no restrictions or charges. We are able to cycle through the grounds.

It’s a buzz with the set up of food outlets in marquees, a stage and people drying chairs. The castle is high set and we venture around the back – a jogging track is utilized by locals – we meet a man who very proudly takes us under his wing and leads us up to the castle explaining some history and best vantage points for photos.

Back down from the higher level there is a baseball game at the stadium, the stage has a lady singing and people seated and the food outlets are cooking up a storm. It looks to be quite a day here.

Back on the bikes and headed to the Akashi Bridge but first we pass by a beach cyclepath … a beach tennis competition is underway, further on recreational fishing – such a lovely holiday feeling.

We approach the bridge and there is an observation platform on level 8 … for a small price of ¥300 we enjoy views and seeing the structure.

This is the world’s longest suspension bridge.

The weather has turned and now a gentle shower as we leave the bridge.

We pass by other seaside villages and lovely views – there is a lot of activity in one town and they are setting up for a parade … men in traditional costumes preparing to carry a chariot through the streets … police everywhere with streets barricaded, we cycle on.

Our approach to Kobe is in awe, modern skyscrapers then Komoot does its ‘thing’ we are lead through Chinatown – OMG we have never seen so many people and food outlets – our bikes struggle to get through but we soldier on.

We venture to the Nunobiki Falls after our check in – a series of four waterfalls only a few kms away.

‘How about we go back to Chinatown for dinner without the bikes?’, I say,


I get a nice feeling about this town.


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