Suwa to Kofu – Sunday 19 May

I think you will struggle to get photos today … (says John)

A comfortable stay in our hilltop digs … very quiet … morning view of the lake was lovely – blue skies and what appeared quite still while enjoying pineapple, strawberries and banana for breakfast.

A detour by the lake before heading off … my assumption of still was wrong … that strong headwind is again with us. Luckily a slight incline for 20km then dowhill for 50km … it that possible … yes apparently.

The landscape and road quality was ordinary to start with then a tunnel and down we went … some great descents … mountains were lit by the sun, terraced rice paddies for many kilometres, despite the wind the ride was great.

We met John from Ireland, living in Korea as he was going in the opposite direction. I felt for him with some climbs ahead, however he had a tailwind to assist.

We are now enveloped in mountains as we ride through the valley. Lots of groups of fancy motorcycles out for a Sunday ride.

The rice paddies gave way to some vineyards … not big, however this area is known for it’s wine … roads going in all directions … we are getting close to Tokyo.

The towns just joined together and before we knew it, we were in Kofu, a bakery lunch at the station – great french bakery, our hotel was ready for our room … the afternoon spent planning for the next week. The joys of touring …


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