Kofu to Kawaguchiko – Monday 20 May

Finding Nemo Fuji …

I’m loving the Japanese breakfast – we have became members of a hotel chain ‘Toyoko Inn’ it’s reasonably priced and includes breakfast and early check in of 3pm … normally 4pm. The breakfast today was sooo nice … miso soup, salads, vegie curry and rice, croissants and pain au chocolat … all that I needed for the ride today.

Komoot did a sterling job on back streets … it’s Monday 8:20am lots of kids on bikes going to school …

Then through the ‘burbs … small vineyards popping up … the further we went … less houses and a serious wine growing region. The vines grown on horizontal trellises to minimise wind damage from typhoons. They look very cool. There are also lots of peach orchards.

Absolutely lovely country a change from rice paddies, which I like!

Then a good 2 plus hour climb – lovely scenery and mountains … no valley’s today just good hard yakka. A rewarding 2.8km tunnel … no dedicated cyclepath but traffic well behaved. Then 2 more shorter tunnels and the lake was in view.

There are 5 lakes at the base of Mt Fuji – we went around Lake Kawaguchiko and Saiko. A lovely ride and wonderful views of the lake and mountains.

We are stationed here for 2 nights as we are expecting a lot of rain tonight and tomorrow 33mm this evening and 53mm tomorrow. It will be a nice break.

Mt Fuji is not social at the moment … heres hoping for a viewing before we leave.


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