Tokyo – Friday 24 May

A lovely day 30°C+ started with a cafe breakfast and 9:30am Soshi’s City Bike tour. We covered a very different area to what we did yesterday so that was an extra bonus.

The business; high end fashion areas this included Uniqlo which isn’t high end but the worlds largest flagship store – 12 floor high; the Lion Beer Hall – first in Tokyo in Ginza district; the geek area in Akihabara was interesting with anime, anything electronic in billboarded buildings.

The Sumo stadium where we stood and watched the wrestlers enter and leave. The morning session is the low end ability and later in the evening the higher class begin. Sumo is still Japan’s first major sport, followed by baseball and soccer.

The Imperial Palace; the richest real estate in the world, 300 hectares – 2 people live there and 1000 staff.

The Hibiya Park – we hear an orchestra – a weekly free midday concert … however this park will be transformed later this afternoon as the 10 day Oktoberfest is in progress – 17 – 26 May … only in Japan …they have the ‘Oktoberfest’ 3 times a year.

The ride finishes – a couple from Tel Aviv and a father/daughter from Washington DC all nice company. We decide to have a drink at the Lion Beer Hall, then find a bakery in a shopping centre in Hibiya – I have wifi and can Komoot our way back to our guesthouse.

Washing to do and meet a lovely Turkish couple living in Spain, equally impressed by their first time in Japan.

Nice day … 2 nights is enough in Tokyo.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo – Friday 24 May

  1. Japanese style breakfast – yummo! Going to be tough comming home to a couple of weetbix. How are you going with your ‘ohayogozaimasu’ pronunciation?


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