Tachikawa to Tokyo Thursday 23 May

You can’t go to Japan without going to Tokyo …

Well, I could but didn’t get away with it. A short 27km ride and here we are in Tokyo. It just seemed a continuous ride through suburbs nice 2 story housing, schools, parks and lots of tree lined main roads. We are staying at Okubo, just outside Shinjuku the administration and nightlife area.

A trip to the station to the tourist office was very fruitful … I’ve been trying to book our passage on the ferry to Hokkaido several times but unsuccessful … a help from the staff and I can now say we are off to Hokkaido on Monday on the 19hr overnight ferry.

Meanwhile here we are in the capital city of Japan – bustling with tall buildings and people. There is nothing more exhilarating than riding like a local – switching from road to footpath to avoid people, traffic lights and traffic.

I’ve read about bike parking and confiscation. John managed to get himself a warning – I was in a dedicated cycle bay – he was chained next to me (not in a ‘spot’) Lucky it was a warning only.

A visit to the Meiji Jingu – a lovely large park – very bushy with Torii Gates and temples then off to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – 45 floors in 54 seconds and we are getting a panoramic view of the city. Just a short 15 minute queue.

It’s after 5pm amd we haven’t checked in to our guesthouse and my phone battery is getting low. A few pics of what will be extraordinary in the dark tonight … the billboarded buildings.

A walk to where the action was in Kabukicho – no street lighting required, the neon lights do enough. Lots of restaurants and entertainment. Nearby is Shinjuku Golden Gai – narrow alleyways full of tiny bars.

What an exciting evening.


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