Oshamambe to Iwanai – Saturday 1st June

Everything looks greener after rain … or are my eyes seeing clearer in the morning …

Before we head off, our host wants to take John on the beach buggy, thankfully they only get across the road and back – this guy is a bit of a ‘lad’.

The sun’s out the hills are all around and very green, a touch of snow can be seen from the far off hills. We have a slight climb and are pushed along with a gentle tailwind. It’s quite magical out here today … we are on route 5 not much traffic, good wide shoulder and wide path, a little patchy in places but mostly very good.

We are heading inland to cross over to the western coast. Midway we join route 9 to the coast then 229 along the coast. Our cruising no effort speed ranged from 25 – 28km/hr. Lovely coastline following fishing villages and lovely green hills on our right. I lost count of the tunnels however there were 2 long ones; 2.574km and 3.570km – both with no cycle path – scary stuff particularly when there are trucks passing you.

We made it to our destination in record time despite many photo stops. The predicted threatening rain and lightning didn’t eventuate. Not a lot to see in this town, but we did venture to see ‘The Great Buddha of Kikoin’ in the temple we met the 43yo 11th chief priest Kenichi Narita, lovely chat he referred himself as ‘the big boss’ …


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