Mikasa to Ashibetsu Onsen – Wednesday 5 June

You only get wet once …

On with the rain jackets to start with this morning. A light shower to begin with then heavier unrelenting rain. We had the wide footpath to ourselves … who would want to be out in this? The road was busy with trucks … you tend to zone out from their noise.

We are going through farming country … rice and agriculture – houses with lovely gardens. Daisies and blueweed are prevalent in vacant land … and looking wonderful.

The rain eased at midday.

A trip to a tourist office along the way and given a different route … a very quiet road – no traffic at all … just the birds chirping … a few gentle hills, then a significant 7% climb for several kms and lovely glimpses of the valley in between low cloud and the forest. We are in alpine country – ski area signage and cleared hills for skiing.

3:30pm it rained – just enough to get us damp when checking into the hotel. The spa was welcome.

Hoping for some fine weather tomorrow.


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