Ashibetsu to Asahikawa – Thursday 6 June

Sometimes I miss my tent …

The rain has gone and blue skies with fluffy clouds. A little hill climbing through the forest of white birch and pine.

No traffic and only the birds, cicadas and frogs to join us. A descent which opened up into farmland; for a while I thought I was in Austria then I was brought back to reality when rice paddies appeared, terraced down the hills.

The far hills were a patchwork of colour. Amazing scenery through rolling hills. A short ride today 14km from Asahikawa we joining a cycle path along the river, the main road was above us and we were sheltered by bush following the river.

A small climb and we are confronted with a view of the mountain range with patches of snow.

Our hotel (9C) is conveniently close to the railway station and only 6 months old … very impressed – showers/toilets are shared and well appointed. An automated check in/check out system … my mind goes back to the new capsule hotel last year in Rotterdam. A great functional common area at reception.

We spent most of the afternoon planning the next few days … unfortunately we may have to do some backtracking to avoid sleeping under the stars in the mountains.


2 thoughts on “Ashibetsu to Asahikawa – Thursday 6 June

  1. Cannot believe you only have 2 weeks to go till your home ……you sure are having an exciting time. You still have another big event happening next Wednesday …….. 🎂X60 Sue …..


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