2021_a long drought for overseas travel

Hi All, I’m back and about to take off on a 3 week Silo Tour in the Western Australian wheatbelt. We won’t to talk about where I would have been this time last year – there are 1000’s of those stories from everyone you see. I am just grateful that friends and family have been pretty much unscathed by the 2020 world disaster of Covid19.

So … in the last year I’ve kept busy with my local cycling clubs, tennis, mahjong and enjoying my 2 and 4yo grandkids. It has been a great summer and I’ve spent many hours walking and swimming on our wonderful beaches that Perth has to offer. Leighton Beach is my favourite with long stretches of fine white sand and only 20 minutes away by car.

But today I venture out with (last count) 47 other cyclists from a local club, CTA (Cycle Touring Australia) starting from York. Stay tuned and I hope you have a great ride with me.

Sadly due to lack of wifi and time I was unable to complete the Silo Tour blog but stay tuned as there is a new adventure coming up.


2 thoughts on “2021_a long drought for overseas travel

  1. So delighted to hear of your future adventures! Our family and friends like yours have kept well if somewhat isolated as we are ‘elderly’ !!!
    Paul and I ride most mornings on our local bike path around the lake and I often recall segments of our biking trips as I pedal on for the coffee stop! No luscious cakes allowed here as were compulsory in France etc! Best wishes and safe travels. Alison 😍


    • Thanks Alison … I’ve finally completed the blog text now I’m home and will get onto posting the pics soon, however the Western Australian wheatbelt is very boring… not like France and Europe 😥


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