Perth – York – Brookton_Brookton_Saturday 17 April

A nice drive to York 1hr 20min and I’m there at 8.30am.  The car is staying with many others at a ‘weekender’ owned by friends of our tour leader, Trevor.  I realise I’ve over packed so make a hasty reshuffle of my gear and leave some things in the car; cooking stove … really! What am I thinking – I’m here on holiday pub meals for me..   It’s great to catch up with familiar faces from past rides. 

A good riding day,  mild temperatures and no wind, however I’m feeling the lack of preparation on the saddle … ouch!  I really haven’t been on my bike for a good month. 

Some small undulations, it’s very dry and it looks like the sheep are still being hand fed, the paddocks are just dirt and dust, despite only a week ago the remnants of cyclone Seroja crossed this way before devastating coastal communities in the north, obviously the rain was very isolated and missed this area. It looks like some areas have been touched by an artists watercolour brush with a hint of green as some hints of grass colour the dry soil. 

The first stop is Beverley, it’s a Saturday and the coffee shops are busy.  Beverley hosts a popular gliding club.

Onwards to Brookton; by now it is early afternoon and the town is almost closed,  2 roadhouse petrol stations are open.  A nice park is a welcome sight to congregate and eat rolls and sandwiches before heading to the caravan park to set up camp. It’s always a challenge on the first day to sort out tents and gear … by the time 3 weeks have passed I’ll ‘get it right!’

Our camp is on the Recreation centre oval … lush green grass,  but we have to wait until the local hockey game is over before we can set up.

The only hotel with meals is open and we are all booked in. You just have to love country pub meals; supersized parmi’s … I was so pleased I ordered the salmon and salad.


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