Narrogin _Wagin 50km _Mon 19 April

A little head wind today but nice low kms … the roads were a little busier with a good shoulder and obliging drivers. Leaving Narrogin a French bakery caught my eye along with others … a huge croissant had to be sampled. The small town of Highbury was another stop … you have to take advantage of anything that looks open as you never know when you will see the next toilet or shop.

Our camp is at the showgrounds and I’m there by midday … the town has a few closed shops (I wonder if this is due to Covid or natural attritian of a country town) and 2 small supermarkets open. Wagin is the home of the Giant Ram which stands 30 feet tall to the entrance of town.

The local cafe supplies great rolls for lunch however the barista is on a break, we are guided to another location … Shane the coffee shop owner has closed, but he’s soon found and disappears for 10 minutes to get his keys to open. Shane is one of the locals who is the mortar in a town like this. He knows everyone runs a framing business when not entertaining the locals over a coffee. He doesn’t put out the ‘open’ sign as he’s afraid he’ll get more walk ins! He is quick to give a mobile number of one of the ‘ CTA Wagin girls’ and within half an hour the 2 local girls have joined us and several other of our cyclists … Shane joins in the banter.

The kitchen facitilities are great so a night in with supermarket pre cooked meal and games of Bananagrams.


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