Brookton – Narrogin 73km _ 18 April

A steady day of climbing while we ride through the towns of Pingelly, Popanyinning and Cuballing. It’s Sunday and no guarantees if there are shop/cafes open. Surprisingly Pingelly has a cafe/bakery with great cakes and rolls … coffee was ordinary. Further on through to Cuballing and the hotel is open. A great thirst breaker stop and lunch. The hotel is the only sign of life in the very small town, it must be popular with the locals.

Narrogin is 15km away … last 10km was challenging with unexpected hills … we were all drawn to a farm called The Hundred Acres and for all the Whovians is was a special treat a Tardis to the entrance of the farm … of course it went ‘through the keeper’ for me as I’m not a Who fan, but it was the most talked about in camp that night. Another unrelenting hill into Narrogin … camping was comfortable. Dinner at the Duke of York Hotel … the place was buzzing by the time we left with locals enjoying a Sunday meal out.


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