Pingrup to Ongerup 55.5km_24 April

A very quick early ride today.  The store in Ongerup closes at midday so there is an urgency to get any supplies; it is a long weekend it’s ANZAC Day tomorrow.

I set out at 8am, the tent was dry on pack up with an overcast sky. The early start gives a lovely hue to the many salt lakes I pass. The sun’s reflection glisten on the water and dry salt. It is very dry, I pass an under nourished crop with tinges of yellow, it looks like it needs a good drink.

The tailwind made the time fly by; however the beauty of the lakes are worthy of a several photos.

I enter Shire of Gnowangarup coined ‘the Heart of the Stirlings’. Small undulations and out of nowhere I see the silhouette of the Stirling Ranges a lovely sight.

The store is well equipped in Ongerup and the Community Research Centre and Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre, is a great place for coffee and light snacks, the staff are prepared for the onslaught of 40 cyclists. The caravan park is comfortable … no upgrade tonight. We pre-warn the hotel presence … what would normally be a quiet Saturday night, the hotel has extra staff the us providing great meals.


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