Ongerup to Jerramungup 40km_25 April

Rolling hills today an early 8am start, it’s ANZAC Day, so time for reflection. Passing some nice green paddocks, I think they are crops, also a scattering of sheep. I am driven to my left as I see a cloud of dust … in a far paddock a tractor is busy … possibly seeding is taking place … no rest for farmers.

I catch up to Jen and we ride together, a head/ side wind makes the ride a little harder than yesterday. The trees on the roadside provide some dappled shade, the very attractive pin cushion hakea is prevalent and flowering. A bike light in the distance behind us keep us entertained as we try to get our distance. The leisurely 40km has now become a little more competitive.

We arrive in Jerramungup … a nice welcome entrance sign … the roadhouse is open and staffed ready to provide lunches, dinner and lunch for tomorrow. The country folk are so accommodating. Our camping ground is natural bush so we are all spread out enjoying the shade from the trees.


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