Jerramungup to Ravensthorpe 116km_26 April

A lot of angst for the long ride … searching temperatures, wind direction and gradient.

Our full pannier tour has evolved during the tour inception.  A relaxation of tent and camping equipment to be carried in Brian’s ute. During the course of the tour other items have been smuggled on board to lighten the load on our bike,  however there are a few stalwarts riders who have kept to the original full pannier tour … hats off to them!!! So today most of us have chosen to put all our gear on the ute.

We weren’t prepared for the heavy fog that blanketed us this morning.   The plan was to get up early and beat the heat, predicted in high 20s/30. The tents were so wet it may as well be raining.   Oh well … they will dry out on the other end.   I broke a tent pole the following night and had a temporary fix that sort of worked.

Of to the servo to pick up lunch … the fog is still very heavy,  a driver stops and says the 6 cyclists he saw on the road we very visible so we chose to take off.   At time I’m not sure if I’m going up or down … the fog is so thick you can’t tell.   I’m getting drips on my face from my helmet.  The bush on either side of the road is spectacular as the sun shimmers through large cobwebs laden with heavy dew;  I’m back in fairyland … horizontal webs look like fairy beds.

The fog lifts at 8.30am and the country is visible again … some farms have unique entrances which occupies the long straight undulating road.  I make a plan to stop every 20km or so.  The traffic increases in both directions … it must be moving day for caravans as they head to their next holiday destination.

It’s great to see the 30km to  Ravensthorpe sign … I sit on the roadside … no ants or flies … my ham and salad rolls hits the spot,  another hill ahead.  The view becomes more spectacular as the escarpment envelopes me.   On the right is the Fitzgerald National Park, then a big decent as I cross the Phillips River; not to mention the steep climb up … my garmin takes forever to go from 99km to 100km as I crawl up the hill … a memorial site is a good stop to relieve the legs for the next 20kms to Ravensthorpe … it’s 30C and I’ve done in excess of 100km … is it psychological or I’m just tired … it’s becoming hard work.  A few more hills and a painted silo in view … lovely site and I’m here in Ravensthorpe. 


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