Kulin to Narembeen – 78km_2 May

A very cold night and morning.   No wind puts a spring in my step or pedals and 20km on I’m at Kondinin, a nice coffee shop is open and I take advantage; it was originally the old postmasters house, then a backpackers – a young couple are now making a go of it as a cafe.

There have been no little towns between destinations this tour.   A nice break and on the road … a nice ride and into Narembeen for 2 nights.  It’s a Sunday so same old same old … just the roadhouse open and the pub.   We learn that the AFL derby is to be played with no spectators and mask wearing out doors still in place … we are all making secret plans of our own to continue travelling if Perth goes into lockdown again before we get back.

Day 2 at Narembeen we have some cyclists leave today as that was their plan, however rain is forecast for overnight and tomorrow … a few cyclists decide to head to Merredin while it is dry and get accommodation. The remaining of us seek a spare bed or floor under cover at the campground and pack our tent, I was lucky to get a foldabed in a room.

Narembeen is a bit of a mystery … 3 lovely sculptures around the town by local sculptor Jordan Sprigg, his work is very unique and it takes time to see how he has strategically placed old tools to create these magnificent sculptures.

About 15km out there is ‘The Mile of Boots’ a few of us got a lift out to see the boots hanging on a fence.

Unfortunately, I missed the Narembeen ‘Op Shop’ by 45 minutes … it was said to be quite a must-see … there’s an excuse to visit here again.

Another pub meal … a talk to the publican, he’s only owmed it for under 12 months and making changes to make it more family friendly. He has a great chef and apprentice who turn out lovely meals, it was worth a 2 night stay.


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