Narembeen to Merredin 70km_4 May

As predicted the rain started early morning … it was nice to have my tent pacled up. An executive decision was made to allow panniers to go on the truck … wonderful. Waiting around for a break in the weather proved fruitless, I’m big on the weather radar. Toughen up … out I go into the rain … thankfully it wasn’t heavy just light for about an hour then steady rain. Still tackling a headwind and further on roadworks a couple of kilometres of dirt, my fear when some trucks passed but thankfully they were very kind and slowed down on their approach … it could have been rather ugly.

I reached Merredin for lunch, quite embarrassing to front up at a cafe dripping wet. My mind goes back to my overseas touring days when cycling in the rain … on reflection I’ve cycled in much worse conditions than today.

I’ve book a single room for the night as rain is still hanging around for the day and night. The laundry gets my vote as I wash and dry my wet clothes.

A quick ride to the painted silo … that’s what we are here for. This will save me extra kms in xase it is raining tomorrow.

A great pub meal, bonus the hotel has a courtesy bus so several take up the offer.


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