Tuesday 3rd May … Barcelona

An unguided bike tour

Set out today to a local Cafe for breakfast, John very happy to have a chocolate croissant and coffee.

We headed along the river and the coast to the city centre some 10km away. A bit of a light mist at times. Trying to find the tourist information office was difficult only for it to be closed until further notice. So here we are blindly trying to find tourist things to see. At least we are booked on a city bike tour tomorrow. We stumbled into the Gothic area with narrow streets at all angles and hidden plazas. Very quaint. A bakery Cafe in the Gothic area for lunch. Further on we came to La Rambla … now we see where the tourists hang out, we walk our bikes as we don’t see bikes or scooters around.

Heading back along the EuroVelo 8 … I just love the street cycle ways here, however we were chatted by a policeman near our hotel on a pedestrian path on our bikes … didn’t have the heart to tell him we were lost trying to find our hotel. Thankfully we found the hotel.

Another ‘find our way’ moment … we went out to dinner and lost our footing … it must have been the lemon lemoncello post meal … the waiter was from Italy … anyway we found our way with the help of a few locals … it was a nice walk in the balmy evening.


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