Wednesday 4 May … Barcelona

A guided bike tour

Feeling much more confident on the roads, we are heading to the centre to meet up for our Fat Tire Bike Tour. I have gamin navigating the way through the streets, we join the morning 2 wheelers on scooters, bikes and the like. The cycleways still blow me away, so organised and riders just know how to do it. Very narrow lane that accommodates 2 way bike traffic, throw in the odd tiny turning lane and tiny bike traffic lights and no angry riders … then mix all that with car and pedestrian traffic. Enough of that I’m just boring my reader.

So off we go on our tour; about 12 of us; a mix of people – USA, Canada, Holland, Ireland and us. The tour guide was Irish, we had a good mix of historical and modern landmarks with commentary. We were lucky that we didn’t double up on places we visited yesterday.

The most famous and most visited is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia which has seen many years of work and still unfinished, however the word on the street is that it will be completed in 2026 … watch this SPACE! Although it is a work in progress it is a sight to see, with different architecture over a span of many decades: it is a great tourist attraction and it is possible to go inside if you have pre booked tickets or happy to stand in a queue.

We head down to the coast and stop to view the Olympic Port built for the 1992 Olympic Games. The beach sand was imported from Egypt and palm trees from the Canary Islands. It is quite overcast and mild however it doesn’t stop the beaches filling with a scattering of sunbathers and people enjoying beach activities.

The wide paths are adorned with walkers, cyclists and casual beach cafes/restaurants. The group stop at a restaurant and enjoy lunch. A lovely group and way to get to mingle. We had great tapas and of course too much … it was established that we order based on the prices ie we expect a lot less as the prices are very reasonable. Note to self … 2 tapas then order more later if needed.

We are getting too familiar with this place now and find our way back to the hotel easily.


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